26000 West Twelve Mile, Southfield, MI 48034


Please contact us for payment options if you need to send us a retainer or deposit, pay our fees, or submit other funds. We accept checks, money orders, and wire transfers. Or, you can use our latest payment option, Online Pay, to send funds to us directly through your computer, phone or tablet. We do not accept cash or credit/debit cards.

Send us funds online

No need to worry about writing a check or going to the bank for a wire transfer! Online Pay is now available for your convenience via Paymints, a third-party service, for any funds you need to send us! This easy and secure online payment option eliminates the need to write a check or wire payments. Sending funds for your next transaction is now safer, simpler, and quicker than ever. Please keep in mind that this payment option has a two to three business day turnaround.