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Business Owners

We advocate for our clients in all types of commercial and business conflicts, including buying and selling businesses, loan and finance issues, business structuring and ownership, and general contract matters, including leasing, employment, and many other areas as varied and unique as your business. Our office represents companies like yours, whatever its size – from startup businesses to corporations with millions of dollars in revenue. Whatever your company’s size, we take pride in giving you the counsel and representation you need to succeed in meeting the legal questions that constantly arise in the world of business.


When it comes to purchasing a business, knowledgeable, practical, timely legal representation is absolutely indispensable. The “black and white” on purchase documents is often not as black and white as it appears, and understanding those terms fully, and quickly, is often critical. Our office has represented clients in the purchase of many different types of businesses, including licenses issued by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission and the Michigan Bureau of State Lottery.  We can make the acquisition of a business asset quick, painless and, most importantly, properly completed.


Selling your business is often a difficult decision. Besides losing the income your business brings to you and your family, you are also relinquishing an established business you worked hard to build and maintain. As business owners ourselves, we understand your pride of ownership, and your desire to hand it on safely and responsibly. Our office has represented clients in the sale of many different types of businesses, including licenses issued by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission and the Michigan Bureau of State Lottery.  We can make the sale of a business asset secure, quick, and, most importantly, properly completed.


We regularly advise business clients on capital-raising activities, including private lenders, venture capital, traditional bank lenders, and other capital-raising transactions. As businesspeople and investors ourselves, we have an unparallelled ability to understand our clients’ experience, financial situations, and plans for their business ventures, and to advocate effectively to the lender on our clients’ behalf. Moreover, we have a wide range of both traditional and private lender contacts, with an excellent reputation for introducing quality borrowers, which enables us to suit the loan to the individual client. Finally, we assist clients with all aspects of financing, including structure, documentation, and closings, making sure everything is taken care of to smooth and speed the loan towards the finish line.

Liquor and lottery licensing

We cover the whole spectrum of legal services for any Michigan business involved with liquor sales in Michigan in any way, providing sound advice and prompt service. With nearly forty years of experience with liquor and lottery licensing, we are well-equipped to counsel our clients in all aspects of liquor and lottery license ownership. 

We handle new-license and license transfer applications, including SDD, SDM, Class C, resort, and tavern licenses. Our decades of experience representing applicants has given us unique insight into what Michigan regulators need to see on your application. Simple mistakes can easily increase the turnaround time for an application from a few months, to a year or more. Our experience translates to a quicker and smoother application process for you. 

Ownership structure

Ownership structure is not simply a formality, but a valuable tool in our toolbox to help our clients achieve their goals while minimizing potential conflicts. Businesses can be owned many different ways, from individual/sole proprietorship all the way to publicly traded corporations. Each form of ownership has its pluses and minuses. Different stages of business growth call for changes in structure as well. Lenders, co-owners, and other interested parties add additional layers of complexity. 

We advise clients on the best way to structure ownership of new business ventures, as well as reviewing and restructuring ownership of businesses the client already owns. We specialize in advising closely-held and family-owned companies, including providing estate planning and succession planning advice to business owners and their families. Incorporation is a simple process – but determining the proper way of incorporating and documenting your business interests requires legal expertise. We can guide you in determining the best method of incorporation for your company, and provide you with insight on the options you have as a partner in a business.

Operations and contracts

Your need for legal representation doesn’t end when you put up the sign and open the door. Every stage of your business development is critical, and we can help you build a successful business at every stage of the process. You get better, long-term results when you have the same lawyer advising and helping you through all of your many business decisions. 

As property owners and businesspeople ourselves, we intimately understand the needs and priorities of entrepreneurs, and advise accordingly. For example, a physical location is often a necessary part of owning a business, but it comes with its own unique challenges. Property maintenance, compliance with municipal regulations, and relations with landlords and neighbors all add to the complexity of business ownership. 

We represent both tenants and landlords in negotiating, interpreting, and enforcing their lease agreements fairly and practically. We are also experienced in reviewing and negotiating other complex contracts involving employment, management, consulting, contracting, supply, and franchising. Contracts can set a business on the road to success, if drafted and understood correctly—or failure, if not. Trust us to tell you which is which.